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No inceidents to report at this time


5:37-Disabled motor vehicle on westford road in front of the Mobil

5:43-Brush fire behind Aqua Pools on Middlesex road

6:42-Middlesex road dream diner for alarm activation

6:46-130 frost road for a stolen vehicle

6:51-Pheasant lane mall motor vehicle lock out

6:58-3 Oak street alarm activation

7:30- Nevada road medical

7:49-Pheasent  lane mall at the exit near smokey bones single motor vehicle accident

8:22-motor vehicle accident at exit 36 injury

8:31-14 year old being bullied at skate 3 

9:18-Lawrence car involved in shooting headed to Tyngsborough

9:21-Dunstable road for a lift assist


11:56-Pheasant lane mall for a stolen vehicle

1:43-Large metal grate found on highway right before exit 34 northbound just over the line in Chelmsford


8:28-Topline Granite on Middlesex road for a  front motion alarm

9:44- 2 Long Fellow road medical

10:29Topline Granite on Middlesex road for a front motion alarm again

12:00- Sherburn Ave person fallen

2:39-2 Roy Ave for a brush fire

4:20-15 Scribner road for a brush fire

7:23- Apollo Drive for  a 911 hang up


4:54 A.M.-Topline Granite on Middlesex road for the front door alarm


6:25.A.M-alarm activation at Westech drive back door 

4:22-Merrimack Way for mail fraud

4:36-Wicasse park for suspicious activity

5:23-Texas Lane fire alarm activation

5:24-Mount Rock ave for a barking dog

5:37- Davis street dog barking


2:44.A.M-Sherburn ave for a medical

2:32-Chelmsford car erratically driving heading to Tyngsborough on middlesex road

3:45-Propane leak on Scribner road

8:19-5 corcoran drive for a possibly broken in vehicle


6:35-Tyngsborough bridge for a car smashing into other cars

8:04-Constantine drive for a suspicious vehicle stopping at mailboxes


7:20-4 Scribner road for a car that colided with a boulder

4:52-5 Roy Ave for a barking dog

5:37-5 Roy Ave for the barking dog again

5:53-Officer encounters kid driving ATV on Westford road in front of Flints corner

6:25-10 Long Pond road for a home owner asking to speak with an officer

6:30-officer comes upon a Motor vehicle  accident on Lake view Ave

6:37-Tyng Road for domestic violence


10:00 A.M.-Clover Hill Circle for a broken in car report 

11:03A.M.-Rock Road for a car parked in a yard

7:40-Long Fellow lane for a medical


7:10-2 car motor vehicle accident on Pawtucket Boulevard

7:20-Sequoia Drive for a suspicious female

7:51-Cannon Gate for a medical


5:23A.M.-Tyngsboro Middle School for a unwanted person

6:07-Long Pound road for officer assistance

6:12-RedGate road for a first floor motion alarm


4:56-Suspicious man coming from post office headed to Tyngsborough bridge on Middlesex road

6:04-Mount Paul road for a possibly broken in house

7:59-208 Lake view ave for a motor vehicle accident


5:07-Suspicious person stops at fire station asking how to get to Connecticut

7:35-105 Pond view circle for a burgler alarm


5:43-Beach Street for an unknown call involving a motor vehicle

8:09-Beacon Power for a possible fire


6:29-6 Village Lane for a medical involving a baby

7:56-Skate 3 for harassment


8:14A.M.-Carabas for an alarm activation

11:14A.M.-Traffic detail needed at the bridge for maintenance 

5:12-Swan road for a burglar alarm activation


1:46-Roller Kingdom for a medical

3:58-Cummings road for a burglar alarm activation

4:09-High speed motor cycle headed to the bridge 


11:32A.M.-Tyngs Tarry for illegal dumping

11:45A.M.-Motor vehicle accident near the Dunstable line

11:56A.M.-Elderly couple on foot near exit 33-34 in distress possibly a medical

3:12-Skate 3 for a medical

3:14-Fletcher drive for a domestic violence call involving alcohol

3:25- Mascuppic Trail for a medical

5:21-Route 3 Ramp going to Middlesex road for an MVA

6:52-Long Fellow lane or Witman woods for a brush fire

8:49-Althea Ave for a brush fire


9:05-Dane Circle to assist with fire alarm

12:32-Bicycle left in between chestnut road and westford

2:04-Bullivard Automotive for stolen items

2:35-Suspicious ice cream truck on Sequoia

5:56-possible missing person near trotting park road Althea road and Varnom Ave in Lowell

6:20-58 Scribner road for a traffic hazard

7:34-car into house near Chelmsford line on dunstable road gas line possibly broken

9:33-Erratic operator on route 3 north got off at exit 36

9:52-2 motor cycles drag racing on Middlesex road last seen by Angelia's pizza


7:18A.M.-400 Business Park drive for a burglar alarm activation

7:52A.M.-Smokey Bones for a burglar alarm activation

1:49-Westford Road in front of the mobile station for a motor vehicle accident

6:14-Parham Road for a motor vehicle accident

6:37-Patricia Drive for disturbance/medical


3:56-Constantine Drive for a burglar alarm activation

4:16-Groton/Dunstable tip for a dangerous man

4:27-Johnson Automotive for a 911 hangup

5:14-Business Park drive for a burglar alarm activation

5:24-Emergency access gate behind Lowell Voc for a single motor vehicle accident

7:13-Middlesex Road for domestic violence


6:43-Westech Drive for as burglar alarm

7:56-Michael's Pub for a suspicious white truck

8:41-Roller Kingdom for a hold up alarm (accidental)

9:13-Erratic operator on westford road


8:14-Digging on wet lands on middlesex road

4:16-Hemming Way for a medical

4:44-Middlesex Road for a burglar alarm activation

6:21-Dunstable Road for speeding motor cycle exceeding 90 miles an hour

7:04-Nottingham Road for a burglar alarm activation


4:10-Roller Kingdom for a fight

9:08-Fay Memorial Drive for noise complaint


5:44-Top Line Granite for a burglar alarm

6:48-Top Line Granite for a burglar alarm

7:02-Route 113 minor motor vehicle accident


4:18-263 westford road for a motor vehicle accident

7:21-Frost road for a dracut police call in for a blue car that had an unattended child in it

7:55-Pawtucket Bullivard for a box alarm

8:11-12 Village lane for a carbon monoxide detector


2:12-Norris Road for an erratic driver

8:36-Wyoming Road for a domestic that turned into a medical


4:14-Unwanted Kids at Tyngsborough Middle/High School

4:21-Verizon crew needing traffic detail on frost road

5:14-Pawtucket Bullivard for an unknown problem7:30-Lawrence road for a medical

8:00-Dracut/Tyngsborough area for a black pick up truck with 3 males climbing up telephone poles


6:10A.M.-Clover hill drive for a medical

5:17-Sherburn Ave for a DMV

7:24-Topline Granite for a burglar alarm

8:11-Flints Corner for a fire alarm


8:37-Lake View Plaza parking lot for a minor motor vehicle accident

8:29-Lowell Voc for a minor motor vehicle accident

1:32-186 Frost Road for a vandilism report

6:02-Stine Beck road for a 911 miss dial

6:10-Flints Corner Plaza for domestic violence in the parking lot

7:59-Route 3 north for a unknown problem


10:23-Middlesex Road in front of Best Friends pets for a dog that has been hit

Pheasant Lane Mall for a motor vehicle lockout


2:50A.M.-Lowell Street in lowell to assist Lowell police with a domestic violence call

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